3 Reasons Regenerative Medicine Therapy Could be Right for You

3 Reasons Regenerative Medicine Therapy Could be Right for You

In an effort to treat musculoskeletal issues of all kinds — from injury to degenerative diseases — doctors are finding great success in using the powerful resources inside your own body to help you heal from within. Called regenerative medicine, this approach is showing great promise in helping people heal on a cellular level for strong, sustainable results.

At Hughes Orthopedics in San Mateo, California, Paul Hughes, MD, and his team offer regenerative medicine services that are helping patients overcome pain and heal more quickly. Here’s a look at what regenerative medicine is and three reasons why it may be the perfect treatment for you.

What is regenerative medicine?

In the simplest terms, regenerative medicine aims to rebuild and repair tissue that’s been lost to degenerative processes (age), damage, and disease. In other words, the goal of regenerative medicine is to help you rebuild naturally through cell regeneration. There are two main therapies involved with regenerative medicine. They are:

Stem cell therapy
Your body contains little marvels called stem cells, and they have the amazing ability to transform into other cells and then multiply indefinitely as that cell.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy

Your blood contains platelets, which are widely known for their clotting abilities. What you may not know is that your platelets also contain growth factors, or proteins. When your platelets arrive on the scene of damage, they release these growth factors to help your body rebuild and repair.

Three reasons why regenerative medicine may help you
Regenerative medicine can tackle a host of musculoskeletal issues. Here are three things it can help you with:

1. Get off the bench

If athletic pursuits play an important role in your life, a sports injury can be frustrating. The time it takes to heal can keep you from your favorite activities, which isn’t great for your physical or mental health.

Through regenerative medicine, Dr. Hughes can help you get back into the game more quickly. This healing boost from within can reduce your recovery time and allow you to regain your active life stronger than ever.

2. Fighting back against age

If arthritis or degenerative diseases are robbing you of your mobility and causing you pain as you grow older, regenerative medicine may be the answer you’re looking for. Dr. Hughes can help stop the degenerative processes by encouraging the rebuilding and repair of your tissue. Not only can regenerative medicine help restore your tissue, it can reduce inflammation and pain while it gets to work.

3. Going the distance

Through regenerative medicine, Dr. Hughes aims to provide you with results that go the distance, because the goal is to rebuild, not mask.

For example, if you’ve gone through life with a bum knee that you’ve learned to live with by taking anti-inflammatory medications, regenerative medicine may be able to provide you with more sustainable results by building stronger tissue.

If you’d like to explore whether you may benefit from this innovative approach to healing, book over the phone with Hughes Orthopedics today.

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