Hip Q & A

When chronic hip pain holds you back from the things you enjoy in life, Paul Eliot Hughes, MD, has the solution you need. At his orthopedic practice in San Mateo, California, Dr. Hughes and his experienced medical team offer the latest advancements in surgical and nonsurgical hip treatments, including arthroscopic surgery and stem cell therapy. To find out if you’re a candidate for hip surgery or other available treatments, schedule a consultation online or by phone today.

What are the most common conditions affecting the hip?

A variety of hip injuries and disease can cause chronic pain and mobility issues. Dr. Hughes offers comprehensive diagnostic testing to determine the root cause of pain stemming from conditions like:


  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Overuse injuries
  • Muscle and ligament strains


Following a thorough evaluation of your pain and your overall health, Dr. Hughes can determine the best course of treatment to relieve your pain and increase the function of your hip joints.

What treatments are available for hip pain?

Dr. Hughes offers several treatments to address chronic pain in your hips. Initially, he’ll likely recommend nonsurgical treatments, such as physical therapy or stem cell treatments, to manage pain and improve your mobility.


In some cases, when damage due to injury or disease is extensive, Dr. Hughes will recommend surgical repair of the joint using a technique known as hip arthroscopy. This procedure involves specialized surgical instruments that attach to a tiny camera and light system, giving Dr. Hughes a clear view of the internal structures of your hip.


During the surgery, Dr. Hughes can repair torn ligaments, remove damaged cartilage, and treat deformities in the joint.

How does stem cell therapy help with hip pain?

Stem cell therapy is an innovative treatment option that can help alleviate pain due to degenerative diseases, like osteoarthritis, using your body’s own stem cells. These specialized cells can grow into specific types of tissue, including cartilage, muscle, tendon, and bone.


Dr. Hughes withdraws stem cells from bone marrow during a simple, in-office procedure. Once the cells are ready for injection, Dr. Hughes numbs the treatment area with a local anesthetic to complete the stem cell treatment with no pain or downtime.


As cells grow in your body, they help to heal the damaged hip joint or soft tissue, with optimal improvements in your pain and functionality, usually noticeable within three weeks of treatment.


This revolutionary use of stem cells also helps slow down the progression of degenerative disease in the hip, preventing the need for immediate hip-replacement surgery.

When do I need a total knee replacement?

Dr. Hughes would suggest a total knee replacement procedure if your knee joints have severe damage from degenerative disease or traumatic injury. These conditions usually make it difficult or impossible for you to perform your job or normal daily activities, such as going up and down stairs, walking long distances, or getting a good night’s sleep.


When nonsurgical therapies, such as medications or physical therapy, can’t improve your pain level or increase your mobility, Dr. Hughes could recommend replacing your knee joint with an artificial one.


To find out what treatments can effectively relieve your chronic knee pain and mobility issues, schedule a consultation by calling the office directly or using the online booking feature today.